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Large Contemporary art For Sale

Contemporary Abstract Paintings

Hi there! Welcome to Elevate Art Gallery. Let's dive into our collection of contemporary abstract paintings and discover why they are the perfect choice for adding a modern touch to any space. Contemporary art is all about pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, and our collection of abstract art does just that. Each piece is hand painted by American artists.

The Appeal of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is all about the here and now. It reflects current trends, ideas, and styles, making it a great way to keep your space looking fresh and up-to-date. Our collection of contemporary abstract paintings offers a wide range of styles, from bold and vibrant to subtle and sophisticated. These artworks are perfect for anyone who loves modern design and wants to make a statement with their decor.

Versatility of Abstract Art

One of the best things about abstract art is its versatility. Because it doesn’t depict specific objects or scenes, abstract art can fit into any decor style. Whether your home is sleek and modern or cozy and traditional, a piece of abstract art can add the prefect touch. Imagine a large contemporary painting in your living room, adding a burst of color and energy, or a more subdued abstract piece in your bedroom, creating a calm and serene atmosphere.

Creating a Focal Point with Large Contemporary Paintings

Large contemporary paintings make excellent focal points in any room. A well-placed piece of abstract art can draw the eye and create a central point of interest, helping to balance the overall design of your space. For example, a large contemporary painting above your sofa can anchor your living room and tie all the elements together. The dynamic and expressive nature of abstract art makes it perfect for creating a visual impact.

Abstract Art

Another great benefit of abstract art is its ability to evoke emotions. The colors, shapes, and lines in an abstract painting can trigger different feelings and moods. A bold, bright piece can energize a space and uplift your spirits, while a softer, more muted artwork can create a calming environment. 

Expressing Yourself With Contemporary Paintings

Contemporary abstract art allows you to express your individuality. Because abstract art is open to interpretation, each viewer might see something different in the same piece. This means you can find an artwork that speaks to you personally and reflects your unique taste and personality. Whether you prefer bold, geometric designs or fluid, organic shapes, you'll find something in our collection that resonates with you.

Enhancing Your Space with Modern Art

Decorating with contemporary abstract paintings can enhance the overall look and feel of your space. A strategically placed piece of abstract art can add depth and dimension, create a sense of flow, and even make a room feel larger. For instance, a large contemporary painting can make a small room appear more spacious by drawing the eye upward and outward. Abstract art can also help to balance a room by adding visual interest to empty walls or dull corners.

Our Collection of Contemporary Abstract Paintings

At Elevate Art Gallery, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of contemporary abstract paintings created by American artists. From bold, dynamic pieces to subtle, minimalist works, our collection has something for everyone. Each painting is an original artwork, ensuring that you get a unique piece that adds a special touch to your space.

Why Choose Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary abstract art offers versatility, emotional depth, and investment potential, making it a must-have for any art lover. At Elevate Art Gallery, we offer a range of contemporary abstract paintings for different tastes and budgets. 

Browse our collection of contemporary abstract art and discover artwork for your home or office. Questions? Contact us anytime!


Original large abstract paintings, perfect for your decor!

Contemporary abstract wall art made in the U.S.A.

We are a collective of American artists creating original landscapes, light minimalist art, oversized abstract paintings, vintage modernist black and white oil on canvas and geometric colorful wall art. Browse for original one-of-a-kind and made-to-order paintings - art available in many sizes, orientations and float frames available. Beautiful paintings for your home or office.